In 2016, the USA imported $2.7 trillion worth of goods. It is a world leader in trade imports – in fact, it is the second-largest trading nation after China. The USA is a powerful trade partner and a source of vast demand for nearly every product type.

The USA has a huge demand for oil and petroleum – with 19 of 50 states having these products as their most highly-imported item, worth a total of $144 billion. The second most-highly imported item is cars and machinery.

If you’re looking to begin importing goods into the United States, you should be aware of the regulations that surround trading with US companies, and make sure your business is adhering to them.

Ports of entry are located all across America, in each one of the states. When bringing merchandise into the country, an importer needs to provide their IRS number, or simply an individual’s social security number. There is no necessity to have a license or permit to import into the country, though the trade of certain commodities – or in certain local authorities – require it.

You may discuss the nature of your import with a specialist from Customs and Border Patrol at the designated port of entry before its arrival. They will be able to explain in more detail exactly what you should be doing, depending on what you plan to import. You will be required to specify the country of origin, its composition, its intended use, and pricing information.

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