Vietnam is one of the highlights of the East Asian trading route. It’s perhaps one of the fastest-growing economies today, expanding at a rate of around 5% every single year. Doing business in this incredible country brings many exciting business opportunities.

Vietnam specialises in agriculture, forestry, and high-tech electricals for export. It’s clear to see why importing from Vietnam is seen as such an exciting venture. But if you’re interested in it, you need to make sure you understand the legislations surrounding it, and utilise a professional company to handle your shipments.

To set up a trading company in Vietnam, you do not need to have an import or export license. But you must register with the Ministry of Planning and Investment, as well as getting hold of an Investment Certificate.

Most things that cross the Vietnam border are subject to duties. On the other hand, most goods are exempt from tax. With ports spread across the country – at Hai Phong, Saigon and Da Nang – it’s possible to transport goods efficiently out of the country and on its way to you.

It is important to work with a shipping company that can handle your imports in a way that suits you. Carry Cargo International are connected with reliable partners in Vietnam and East Asia, and have extensive experience handling customs clearance and express shipping.

Across the world, we’ll make sure your entire shipment crosses each border without hold-up or restriction, and that all relevant duties and fees are paid. We’re proud to be known, trusted, and relied upon by suppliers, importers, and regulators.

So if you’re planning on setting up investment and import relations with East Asia, you know who you can trust to ensure the security and efficient transport of your goods.

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