America might import much more than it exports, but its unique location and capabilities still makes it a valuable trade partner for importing goods into this country.

Much of what the US exports are specialist manufactured goods – with capital goods making up a third of all exports, such as commercial aircraft (worth $121 billion) and telecoms. Industrial supplies make up a further third, including chemicals, petrols and plastics.

To import from the USA, you’ll need to understand the market you’re entering, as well as the tariffs and regulations that surround international trade across the US border. You can help your business grow and thrive, and provide customers with access to a lucrative source of goods.

Most items don’t require an export license. However, it will depend on what goods are being exported, and the port that they are being exported from.

Prior to being exported, it is necessary to find out the Schedule B number of the commodity to be transported – this must then be reported in the Automated Export System. If the value of the shipment is over $2,500 as per its Schedule B number, then you must provide Electronic Export Information, or EEI. You must also file EEI if the goods being exported require an export licence.

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