Shipping freight to international destinations can be complex, with most countries having their own unique set of rules around the import and export of goods. Carry Cargo International Ltd have extensive knowledge of export shipping and can offer you an unrivalled service, removing the stress of sending your items overseas.

Carry Cargo International Ltd are recognised worldwide as a reliable export shipping provider, facilitating the shipment of goods to countries all over the world on a daily basis. We can also provide warehousing, for when goods require storage whilst they are waiting on a set date to ship.

Carry Cargo International Ltd have a number of export shipping methods on offer, whatever it is that you are sending.

Sea freight:

Shipping goods by sea can be a cost-effective way to send items to an overseas destination. Large organisations shipping cargo in bulk can benefit from a Full Container Load (FCL), option and filling a container entirely with their own goods.

Companies or individuals wishing to send smaller-sized shipments can look to the Less Container Load (LCL) option, whereby they share the space in a container with more than one shipper.

Carry Cargo International Ltd will offer you thorough advice on both methods, from the costs involved, to timelines for delivery at the final destination. You can be assured that we will act appropriately to gain the relevant information for you, from the carrier’s timescales, to the route the ship will take and any additional ports of call on the way, to help you make an informed decision.

We can also advise on exporting vehicles using the Roll on/roll off (RO-RO) method.

Air freight:

When your export shipping is time-critical, or cargo needs to travel over a large distance to reach its destination, air freight is often the most suited method. Through consultation with our expert staff, we can help you to determine whether air freight is a viable option for your goods.


If you are looking to ship your goods overland then it will likely require multimodal transport, with our lorries providing the leading mode of transport. For national and international shipments this can prove a cost-effective method of shipment. Talk to our experienced staff about your requirements and they will give you the relevant information on overland exporting.