Containers for freight

At Carry Cargo International Ltd, we understand that your freight is of the upmost importance to you. We are experts in getting cargo from A to B, no matter how long a journey and by what mode of transport. We will always find the container for freight that is best fit for purpose.

Carry Cargo International Ltd offer you an extensive and varied list of containers for freight, to suit cargo of all kinds, whatever the size, weight or type of load being shipped. Once you have given us the full details of your cargo, and its origin and final destination, you can rely upon our expert staff to give you the best advice in terms of the most suitable container for your freight.

Carry Cargo International Ltd have the following containers for freight available:

Tilt – 12mtr and 13.6mtr trailer with slats and tarpaulin sheeting, for side and overhead loading

Curtainsider – 12mtr and 13.6mtr trailer with curtain-style side sheeting, for side and rear loading

Road-train – truck and draw-bar set up for side and rear loading, and offering larger capacity

Euroliner – 13.6mtr trailer with curtain-style side sheeting for side (or rear) loading, and sliding roof for overhead loading

Flat-bed – 12mtr, 13.6mtr and extendable flat trailer; sheeting also available for cover if required

Swapbody – 12mtr, 13.6mtr trailer for movement on road or rail; side and rear loading, and some with overhead loading

Temperature-controlled – 12mtr and 13.6mtr trailer for cargo that requires a chilled or specific and constant temperature when in transit

Abnormal – trailer to suit abnormal loads, however oversized (long, wide, high or heavy)