Carry Cargo Transport Ltd work regularly with many machinery movement engineers and were recently deployed by one such company to move the pictured 80 tonne machine from a Manufacturing Plant in Halewood to its final destination in Bootle on behalf of Jaguar Land Rover.

Carry Cargo Transport successfully effected the abnormal load movement of the item which was 80 tonnes, 6.5mtrs long, 4.6mtrs wide and 3.0 mtrs high.

Specialised equipment was necessary due to the weight and width of the machinery, and part of the process was to make all relevant authorities aware and the correct movement procedures employed, to ensure that it was moved with the utmost safety and with minimal disruption to the local residents and general motoring routes around the area.

Carry Cargo Transport’s customer stated that they and Jaguar Land Rover were very happy with the safe and successful movement of the Item.

Watch this space for our next Abnormal load movement!