SOLAS, Safety of Lives at Sea – MGN  Marine Guidance Notes


We have learned from British International Freight Association that new regulations are coming into effect on 1st July 2016 to govern the cargo / payload weights carried in shipping containers. This follows concerns within the shipping industry of erroneous and inaccurate weight declarations.

To precis the detailed notice from 1st July 2016 all containers for shipment must have a verified cargo weight and the onus will be on the shipper to arrange this.  No container will be loaded to ship without this, and facilities will be installed to check-weigh at docks.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) will be the governing body behind this scheme.

There will be 2 recognised methods for shippers to obtain weight verification, briefly detailed below.

Method 1 To weigh the loaded container by using a calibrated and certified weighbridge or similar

Method 2 To weigh the cargo items including all packaging dunnage and securing material prior to loading to container – the weighing method will have to be certified and approved by the MCA. There will be robust processes to obtain approval using this method –  more details in the BIFA notice attached to this broadcast.

We urge all of you in the shipping industry to familiarise yourselves with this and begin preparations in good timely fashion to ensure your business will comply to these regulations before 1st July 2016.

It sounds a long time off – but it will doubtlessly catch many out on the day, if this message is not heeded.

A reminder, the onus will be on the shipper to provide the weights to the carrier or the freight forwarder, along with other relevant cargo details.

We hope to keep you posted in how this develops.

All business is carried out under the current BIFA standard trading terms and conditions which are available upon request.

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