Shipping to Bangladesh

Carry Cargo are experts in shipping to Bangladesh and here we have outlined some of  the pitfalls and problems that may surface when exporting to that country.

Shipments destined for Bangladesh require expert knowledge of documentation & customs procedure to avoid time consuming and costly mistakes.

The Bangladesh market can, if you are not extremely diligent,  be a minefield of hidden requirements which, if not met in full can delay an urgent shipment or indeed, result in confiscation of goods.

Our Shipping to Bangladesh team at Carry Cargo International has a wealth of in depth experience, practical knowledge and cultural insight which combine to allow you to have confidence that deadlines will be met and customers satisfied.

From the initial drawing up of Letters of Credit through to request of necessary proofs of delivery, Carry Cargo can advise, highlight elements of risk and help exporters avoid traps when shipping to Bangladesh.

Each new market brings a new range of challenges as Export Licences, Customs Declarations and Documentary Credits combine to expose exporters to potential problems but with Carry Cargo in your corner, you can export to Bangladesh without the worry of unforeseen complications.

Shipping to Bangladesh made better with Carry Cargo.

All business is carried out under the current BIFA standard trading terms and conditions which are available upon request.

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